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These aren't all current jobs, they are jobs she has had since joining S&S, obviously her main line of work is the football clubs and as I said she speaks volumes for women in business and football.. I cant imagine 20 or 30 years ago a woman being appointed as the Chairman of the bid to host the Football World Cup

As has been pointed out previously, as I'm sure your aware, there is a vast difference between saying you have a degree to get into an advertising agency and saying you have a degree to become a doctor or a nurse, somebody that lies on a CV in the medical profession should rightly be sacked because that puts peoples lives in dangers, she has done nothing of the sort, completely different situation
You are right in the fact that she was appointed to these positions but the fact still remains she had help in getting to where she is by working for people associated to her family and using untruths to gain employment.

Many women would be good and don't have the initial leg up to management that she has had with her porno trade backers, who then dropped her into the football management arena. It is all connected and although she had to show them she was able, it was their businesses which gave her the many opportunities denied to others.
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