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Are you not being hypocritical yourself here? I mean you complain about people refusing to believe someone is gay, but you clearly don't believe people saying they are straight as you mentioned Mr Cruise. The gay rumours about him are based on nothing, he has always denied it, been married to a few women etc. Isn't it unfair to call someone a liar unless, like with Luke Evans, we have proof?

As a young teen I used to swear Kate Winslet was a lesbian based on nothing but my desire I just don't see why you would doubt every celebrity claiming to be heterosexual Not trying to have a go, just confused.

As for Jessie J, I am not sure. I have only ever heard her say she is bisexual but I have heard others (including a good friend of mine) say she said she was a lesbian when starting out. I guess I just believe people until there is good reason to think otherwise (step forward Danny Zuko)
No I am not being hypocritical. I didn't say I didn't believe anyone who says they are straight, I am aware that there are more straight people in the world, but I am also aware of the fact that a lot of people do cover up their sexuality so some of them obviously will be lying. Just because there isn't concrete proof of someone being gay, that doesn't mean they aren't. If people are in the closet then there are often rumours but not proof. Doesn't mean it is bull( although of course some rumours are) John Travolta is married. Tom Cruise could be gay. Not saying he is. Just that he could be.
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