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Iron Man Three

Awful non-numerical title aside, Stark is in another great movie. It's the sixth film in the Marvel Movie series, and they've all ranged from just above average (The Incredible Hulk) to bloody brilliant (Marvel Avengers Assemble). Iron Man started Phase One of this series, so it feels right that he's back to start the second phase.

I did think the film could have benefited a bit more from a few more Avengers references and maybe cameos, although the film rarely lets you forget we are definitely in a post New York setting, it does feel a lot more standalone than the other adventures, and that's obviously the intention. I guess I just love the shared universe that we have, that is so unique in movies, and want them to embrace it more, though a lot of people disliked the references in IM2, I loved them. The more the better as far as I am concerned. Though there were a couple of moments (a Thor reference, and a funny tag scene), I wanted them to make more of it.

So that's what I think is missing, but that shouldn't take away from what's there - a funny script, marshalled brilliantly as ever by Robert Downey Jr, great support from Gwenyth and Cheadle, a plot that cleverly often stays one step ahead of you, a villain who goes to places that you would never, ever guess, and some absolutely fantastic set pieces, including the destruction of Stark's house, and an absolutely outstanding plane disaster, which is brilliantly executed.

I was genuinely convinced they had killed Pepper at one point (the death of Coulson has made me nervous), but revival was a good kick ass moment. There were lots of such things actually, normally accompanied by a Bond style quip from Stark. The humour on display here, and in all movies of this series actually is what gives it the edge over a lot of other franchises, and it's always good to see. Especially when you can handle a one-liner as well as RDJ.

As with most films these days, maybe we could have lost ten minutes somewhere. It's a small moan in this case though.

So, it's jokey, full of action and the final line of the credits...Tony Stark will return, means we'll be back for more. Up next...MORE THOR.
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