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I'm the one who mentioned jail and you will notice I made a distinction between CV and Job Application form. A CV is more of a pitch so its the companies job to weed out any lies and the worst that can happen is you get sacked UNLESS you break further laws. A Job Aplication is different though, its the company asking you specific questions and you expressly agree that the information provided is correct and does potentially carry a jail term.

She doesn't expressly state if she applied via CV or filling in an application form but as I said its bad enough openly admitting to telling lies on a CV but if it was a job application then she shouldn't be promoting doing that and should be treated like anyone else found guilty of doing so
I do not condone lying on a CV or an application form but in the case of KB I don't believe that a criminal law was broken. So I don't see how you can claim she could go to jail.
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