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He has lived with a priest for 30 odd years, and I don't think he's in any financial hardship... so him being asexual is a complete myth.
He's only lived with the former priest (John McElynn) since 2001. Prior to that his manager Bill Latham lived with him.

For a committed Christian he's unusually Pro Gay Marriage as well, calling for The Church of England to commit to it in 2008. In fact most of his recent statements on being Gay have been very positive, as this article shows
What has living with a priest got to do with it? I'm sure a few men live with other males with no intimate connections.

As a Christian, it is important not to be hostile to your neighbour so he is probably in favour of gay marriage so as not to oppress anyone.

But he and the priest would know it is against their religion to be gay themselves.
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