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A lie is a lie. Willfully deceiving someone in order to obtain employment is the same, whether you're a ditch digger or medical examiner. Just because nobody died as a result of Karren Brady doesn't make her lie any better or worse than anyone else lying to get something or somewhere they wouldn't if they were honest.

See? But I guess because they didn't kill anyone, they shouldn't have been sentenced?

That's the problem with justice, I guess. It's meant to be just and unilateral but when even the public are going "Well I like her and she's worth a lot of money, give her a break" and then call for the heads of other public figures, it makes the whole thing ridiculous. "He's got a duckhouse we bought, he must lose his job but she's got nice legs and a pretty face, let her remain a free woman." It'd be hilarious if it wasn't so apparently true. That Jimmy Saville might have touched some kids and traumatised them but he fixed it for some little kids to have a nice day out, what's all the fuss about? He didn't kill anyone, he just lied for a long time. What's the big deal?

A lie is a lie. That's the problem.
BiB - an MP fiddling expenses is fiddling the taxpayer when they're supposed to be serving them. AFAIK Karren Brady hasn't fiddled cash out of anyone.

And quite how you can equate the Savile case with this is totally beyond me.

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