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I'm finding all the outrage quite amusing, to be honest. I found the comments about her being prosecuted for lying on her CV to be absolutely hilarious!

Equating 'lying on a CV' or at a job interview to the Savile case also made me giggle.

There are other, far more important things in this world and in our lives to worry and get all faux outraged over than someone whose accomplishments (regardless of how she got her first job) now speak for themselves.

To be honest, I would rather someone who has common sense and 'street smarts' and knowledge of the actual job than someone with loads of qualifications who hasn't the faintest idea of it or how to manage people (or what those people below them actually DO). The public sector management is filled with the latter and most of them wouldn't know how to manage their way out of a paper bag; nor do they really understand the 'business' they're supposed to be managing. .
I know - it's hilarious!

Do people honestly think that the CPS would think this was worth prosecuting and spending thousands of pounds in taking it to court when law and police services are being cut back?

I think they need to get real.
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