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BIB I felt the same and Sugar gave him the job! It made a nonsense of the interviews on The Apprentice.

Just to add, for anyone who thinks KB would have gone to jail if S&S had found out about her lie on the CV; as long as she hadn't commited a criminal offence she wouldn't! The only action S&S could take was a civil action if they could find good reason.
ewoodie, with respect that's completely wrong.

Lying on your CV used to be covered under Section 16 of the Theft Act 1968 - "Obtaining pecuniary advantage by deception". A whole section of this - s16.2(c) if you're interested - was dedicated to people who claimed to have qualifications which were false and were employed as a result. The potential penalty was a prison term of up to five years. The criminal offence, if proven, was the act of lying on your CV.

The Theft Act was repealed and replaced by the Fraud Act 2006. Lying on your CV to get a job is now very comprehensively covered by Section 2 of that Act. The penalty on indictment is now up to ten years in prison.

I make no comment whatsoever on whether KB is guilty of anything.
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