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I really enjoyed it. I'm not a horror movie fan as such, and haven't seen the originals, except maybe Evil Dead 2 about 20 years ago. I hate the trend for torture-porn since the advent of Saw, things like Paranormal Activity bore me to tears, and I hated recent 15-rated jump-fests like Insidious and The Posession.

This was great, no elongated build-up, no reliance on one-trick ponyness, It mixed up a few suspenseful jumps with plenty of balls-out gore. The last 45 minutes were pretty relentlessly unpleasant, so much so I had to go on the internet and watch some cute cat videos just to wind my brain down before bed on Wednesday night.

I just found it a refreshing change from the tripe that's been labelled "horror" in the cinema in recent years. 7/10
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