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Ah, sorry, misunderstanding. I thought we were talking about jobs where you get paid MONEY to which you're not entitled because you lied to get it.
Even if you're great at your job? Anyway, I expect that she will be arrested any day now then for doing so.

I agree with that there are more important things to be overly concerned about.

You make the point that the university of life is more important than someone who has qualifications.

I used to think that until I went to college as a mature student. I had worked in my industry for many years and knew most things about hands on work by doing it for so long.

What I didn't know about was how to look beyond only the one skill set needed and learn the over view of how it was achieved, why, how it should be, how to budget how to know what Health and Safety laws needed to be understood, employment contracts and the law, on and on and on.

So don't think that college learning is irrelevant as until you actually take the course, you are unaware of what it involves and common sense is only a limited part of it.
But you had already done your job and went back to college to enhance your knowledge. I'm talking about people coming straight out of university with degrees up to their necks who have never worked with people, never managed, never worked in the industry then getting top management jobs because of said degrees - without the common sense and people skills (and knowledge of how the business actually works).

As I say, the pubic sector is chock full of these people - setting and adhering to targets without any real sense of how they're going to be achieved or spending ludicrous amounts of money to save tuppence - not having any instinct for guiding people to do a better job and make the 'business' successful.... or maybe the public sector just attracts the worst graduates and the best ones (those with common sense, people skills and a sense of how things are actually achieved) go into the private sector!
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