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Not a Michael Ball fan. Not a show tunes fan. Not my cup of tea at all.

However I think it's wrong that people are saying he should come out if he chooses not to. It's his own private business. Just because someone is gay it doesn't mean they have a responsibility to be a spokesperson on gay issues, a role model or anything else. They should be able to manage their lives without comment from anyone.

People who are in relationships have only person to answer to, and that is to the other person in that relationship. No-one else counts one tiny bit.

Yes, he is probably gay but knowing that or not knowing that has no impact on anyone else but himself and the person he is with.
It's 2013 ...i'm surprised there are people still supporting living in the closet. It's not good for those living that way (you never hear anyone saying they regret being open about their sexuality) and it's bad for others. The huge number of people who have been honest about their sexuality is the reason being gay in this country isn't the nightmare it was decades ago. No-one is asking him to be a spokesman or role model... just to be honest. The irony in Michael Ball's case is before he became famous he was open about his sexuality.
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