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The one character I seemed to care most about in the end was Andrea Riseborough's character even though maybe I wasn't supposed to!
Indeed. (I wrote the same thing myself earlier this week.) The other two didn't have much going on.

I'm giving this one a miss. The trailer doesn't sell the film IMO. Yes it's all pretty CGI visuals as you would expect in a sci-fi film but that appears to be it as far as the trailer goes.
The trailer avoids spoilers, which is a good thing.

This has lhe look and feel of Prometheus about it to me.
Not really. Prometheus was probably a bit too ambitious, and also suffered from characters doing things for no apparent reason (other than gross stupidity). Oblivion isn't ambitious enough, and as others have said is a bit derivative. I thought it was OK, but only worth 6/10.

The trailers made me think of WALL-E as well.
The drones made me think of WALL_E. They had that cute robot look.
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