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Even if you're great at your job? Anyway, I expect that she will be arrested any day now then for doing so.

But you had already done your job and went back to college to enhance your knowledge. I'm talking about people coming straight out of university with degrees up to their necks who have never worked with people, never managed, never worked in the industry then getting top management jobs because of said degrees - without the common sense and people skills (and knowledge of how the business actually works).

As I say, the pubic sector is chock full of these people - setting and adhering to targets without any real sense of how they're going to be achieved or spending ludicrous amounts of money to save tuppence - not having any instinct for guiding people to do a better job and make the 'business' successful.... or maybe the public sector just attracts the worst graduates and the best ones (those with common sense, people skills and a sense of how things are actually achieved) go into the private sector!
Some people without the relevant skills and/or education manage to get on by creeping to the boss/es. I worked in FE and was amazed that they employed a number of people to teach/support English and maths when they did not have the relevant skills and/or education to do so.

The biggest creeep of the lot was a woman who didn't have a clue about maths and was dyslexic. It's sad about the dyslexia but it was obvious this inhibited her from doing her job. The quality of her work with the students was abysmal. But she sure knew how to smile and suck up to the boss/es! Guess what? First she was promoted to the post of super teacher with a massive pay increase. After getting her PGCE FE she had just 1 year's teaching experience and then moved to a support role! After that she was ;promoted to deputy head of a department with no doubt another massive pay increase.

She was thoroughly disliked throughout the college by her colleagues - the other lecturers and support staff. There's nothing and no-one she wouldn't have trodden and snitched on to get where she did. Everyone was convinced it was because she was always creeping round her HOD, a director and the principal as she sure didn't have the skills required. Thank goodness I'm not in that environment any longer!

Having the right education, skills, ability or experience don't always get people good promotions.
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