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imdb says the Imax version is 1.89:1 . Don't know if you get more or less in that version .

I think other films have done the same - Avatar in Imax was 1.85 , but 2.35 in the cinemas .

btw - what did you think of their Imax ? is it worth the extra ?
It say's on IMDB that IM3 aspect ratio is 2.35 and Oblivion is 2.35 and IMAX 1.89.1

So there's no info about an IM3 IMAX aspect ratio at all.

Oblivion filled the entire screen.

Anyway, I need to go back to The Giant Screen at the Millennium Point again.

Not sure which cinema I prefer.

The screen at TGS is bigger than Cineworlds Imax but I don't think the screen is used to it's full potential on films like Oblivion shot in 1.89.1.

So if you see Oblivion at TGS you'll be seeing it in 2.35 with big borders.

TGS use two projectors for 3D where as Cineworld just one with a 3D lense.

I think TGS uses Barco's 4K PJ's which at the time of installation were the best digital 4k projectors in the world.

Not sure what cineworld use.

I think the picture is a bit more detailed and crisp at TGS but motion is better at CW IMAX because there's less blurring, so you see more detail in action scenes.

Also, there's something wrong with an area of fabric near the centre of the screen at TGS. It looks like it's damaged, and gives a sort of CRT "dirty screen affect".

You can see it more in light scenes, but you do forget that's it's there when you're into a movie.

I reckon it would drive some hardcore AV fans mad though and they'd stop going.

They really should replace the screen fabric.

I think the sound system is better in Cineworlds IMAX for sure btw.

The seating is better at TGS.

The seats are more inclined at TGS so you can see everything on screen.

However, if you sit in the centre premier seats on the last row, there's a hand rail in front of you that get's in the way of the bottom of the picture a bit.

At CW IMAX, if you're watching a film that fills the hentire screen, you'll get the person sitting in front of you's dome blocking a bit of the picture.

And yes, there digital IMAX is worth the extra cash.

Bigger screen, better picture quality and sound and comfy seats with plenty of leg room.

I'm going to have to check out Odeon's iSENSE next I go to see a film.
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