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So if you see Oblivion at TGS you'll be seeing it in 2.35 with big borders.

TGS use two projectors for 3D where as Cineworld just one with a 3D lense.
they told me (at cineworld) that they use 2 projectors in their imax , altho this was one of the ushers , she could've been wrong

I think the picture is a bit more detailed and crisp at TGS but motion is better at CW IMAX because there's less blurring, so you see more detail in action scenes.

Also, there's something wrong with an area of fabric near the centre of the screen at TGS. It looks like it's damaged, and gives a sort of CRT "dirty screen affect".

You can see it more in light scenes, but you do forget that's it's there when you're into a movie.
yeah , someone else told me that , that'd get on my nerves .
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