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Frustrating Iron Man films...

I was hoping this was going to be a serious improvement over IM2, but sad to report that it's just only a tad better and still leaves IM1 at the top of this rusty franchise.

RDJ is his usual witty, quippy self but sometimes it's to the detriment of the story and those he interacts with. Cut back on some of the self indulgence and it's possible we'd have a much tighter and shorter movie. The story was so-so, but if you're hankering after loads of Iron Man (in suit) action, then you may be disappointed. It's a bit like TDKR, in that respect. Much more screen time, for the man out of the suit. Seeing all the little uns in the theatre getting restless (and playing with their parents phones!), does make me wonder why Marvel overload the film with serious navel gazing and introspection, when a lot of the general audience probably just want some wall-to-wall tin can action.

Like the first sequel, just found this too long to get going. Too many characters, unclear motivations, sporadic IM action until the last 20 mins or so, a detour to some hick town for an uneccessary IM and 'Robin' shenanigans, lots of IM suits all seemingly inferior to the very first one, neutering of the main nemesis (absolutely ridiculous and killed the film there and then...) and a dockside finale straight out of the Lethal Weapon movies. There are occasional glimmers / dialogue that reflect Shane Black's style but overall, it was a pretty journey-man entry of a film. And just when you think there's a chance for some dramatic weight for the movie, with a death or two... Hmm.

As for the wrap-up and how this leaves plans for Avengers 2, it will be interesting to see how it's handled. I'm happy NOT to see another stand-alone Iron Man film, unless there's a recast of the lead role. I think RDJ is pretty much done with the role now.

Best thing about my Cineworld screening? The fab new Man of Steel trailer. That film will walk all over Iron Man 3! The worst thing? The effing 5 min clip from the new Fast & Furious movie. Wtf!? Do NOT wanna be forced to sit through clips of stupid movies I have absolutely zero intention of seeing. I hope this isn't a new trend. Grrr. :-[.

Rating for IM3 - 2.5/5.
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