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[quote=Fizgig;65593712]I am bemused at most of the comments on this thread. Un-BElievable.
The channel has obviously called it 'Peter Andre's 60 minute makeover' to garner more attention and to differentiate it as a new series. Pete gets a lot of attention. He is very famous in this country. Why it should mean he does the work himself is just pmsl ridiculous.
As for announcing his cancer charity...Is he supposed to hide it? Would that be a good way to promote it? I don't get it.
I would say he's called the charity after his name because of his fame, people will immediately know who it is and who it was set up to honour.

Ryan has been his friend since the 90's. Are you saying they're paying Ryan?

Well yuh, isn't that what normally happens?

You watched his show?
Is a stiff upper lip to be applauded? PA is known for being a cryer, at every emotional situation. Why ask him not to be who he is?[/QUOTE]

He's called the charity after himself - he's a shameless famewhore.
If the charity was called after the person it was set up to honour it would be named AFTER HIS BROTHER.
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