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Exactly re Ronan & same applies to Gloria Hunniford for setting up her daughter's foundation in her daughter's name.
He's set this up but I think I've seen one tweet from him in the last week about it & he managed to squeeze in he was partly funding it In my opinion he should be hammering his tweets with info etc about it to help raise money while it still fresh in people's minds but one tweet!
And her daughter was pretty famous wasn't she whereas only ppl watching PA show will have a clue who his brother was.

Maybe having it in PA's name will mean more money coming in, which in the end is really all that matters isn't it? More money to help fight the disease? Or isn't that important enough to the negative posters on this thread?

He wouldn't be able to win either way.

Have it in his brothers name and ppl here would go "oh! Why didn't PA put his name behind it to help raise the profile and raise more money, It's not all about him!".

Have it in his name and it's all "oh! The fame (insert some of the rude names ppl have been calling him on this thread), It's all about him!"

*rolls eyes, gets a 5*

right.. definitely going to bed now... *coughs feebly* night everyone
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