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I honestly doubt it.
Unless it's raising awareness of Peter Andre, I wouldn't have thought he'd be interested.
As for him talking about symptoms or signs of illness, let alone letting people know when they should consult a doctor, no-one should EVER take advice from someone who has proven not only that he knows nothing about the illness that sadly killed his brother, he is a damn liar aswell.
Andrew was just 54 when he passed away last December from liver and kidney cancer.

Now Peter, 40, hopes to help prevent other families from going through the heartache his loved-ones have by raising funds to run buses that will tour the country acting as drop-in cancer check-up centres.

Announcing his news on This Morning today, Peter told hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby: "Basically I've teamed up with Cancer Research UK and if we raise half a million a year, we can fund these two buses to go around the country.

"And for people like me - stubborn people who don't go and get checked up - if you see a bus and you're in your lunch break and you know there's cancer nurses on board, you know there's a private room, no appointments, you can just walk on.

"And if you've got the slightest thing bothering you, you can go and get checked up.
He will need to raise a lot of money to provide these buses, which might be why he's gone for the PA name.
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