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My favourite element of the Iron Man series is how the cast are encouraged to improvise and bounce off one another and even the villian can trade jokes with the hero, etc.

TBH some of the time it feels like a comedy film with occasional forays into action rather than the other way round.

That feels refreshing in this day and age as every other film out there tries to go dark and brooding (certainly from the trailers we saw Superman is going that way, Star Trek too...), its nice you can have a great many laughs as well as the usual clever plot twists and explosions.

I also think not being a comic book fan allows me to enjoy these films more than if I was (and, by all means, I've been tempted to pick up a comic now and again... )
I think if I was a fan of the comics I'd go into it expecting certain boxes to be ticked and have a pre-conceived idea of what the film should be like, but no, this isn't the film I would imagine in my head when reading the comic, this is a great film from a great director who can do it 20 thousand times better than my own puerile mind could ever imagine

Great stuff.
Only criticism is there probably wasn't enough detail of the new suits for my liking, but again that's just fanservice, not exactly an issue with the plot.

Tony Stark Will Return.

In the next Avengers film, and good luck getting any more than that out of Downey Jr
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