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I've never been there but I'm sure that if I had, the Alamo Drafthouse would be my favourite cinema.

Here's what a customer had to say about getting thrown out for texting during the film:

Of the ones I've been to, the Gate in Notting Hill Gate is my favourite. Beautiful auditorium, great picture and sound, friendly staff and neat little tables between the seats for your drinks (including wines and beers). And no stinky snacks.

The Soho Curzon is also a great venue. Not as nice a building as the Gate, but it's always buzzing with people who are interested in films and its location (a busy main street in central London) means it's not a hangout for noisy kids. Not that I believe noisy kids are always a bad thing in the cinema. If the film's good they will be good too. It's when the film's rubbish that they misbehave. The Curzon also does great, non-smelly snacks including the delicious Curly Whirly Brownie, which is like condensed chocolate and definitely deserves an 18 certificate.
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