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Frank's been linked with the little un. Can't see it myself though. I thought he preferred Angels.

It was the States last weekend, and Portugal this weekend - they have gone on some golf trip to 'the Island' - Twitter.
These boys sure get away a lot of the time.

Does Mrs McP never get a romantic weekend away for two
Back to our two little Geordie's again. Industry opinion is that the taller of the two is straight and is in a genuine marriage, but there is one thing that I find strange. The' little un' lives two doors away from the McP's. This is not the first time either, when the McP's originally moved to Chiswick, the 'little un' bought a house two doors away. (He was living with a woman at the time so no-one found it strange). When the McP's got married, and moved to a new house, the 'now single little un' bought a neighbouring plot and built his own "bachelor pad" next door but one.

The McP's were up in Newcastle at the weekend for a family wedding, and the little un was there too. Has the little un not got a LIFE OF HIS Own. He seems to spend all his time with Mr McP.
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