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Unfortunately he didn't think of the chidren he bought and calculatingly deprived of mothers did he? He was a mess and meddled with the lives of others to create some sort of dysfunctional family. A pitiful man but he is not the only one who deserves sympathy here.
So if you don't have a partner you shouldn't have kids? He didn't calculatingly deprive the children at all, the mother to the eldest two did not wish to be a mother but was happy to make MJ a father, there is nothing wrong with that and I'm pretty sure Prince and Paris don't see what their father did was calculating they see a man who brought them up, tried his very very best to keep them out of the public eye, with the masks and all that stuff, and afforded them a very good lifestyle

Are you saying any parent who gets their children through a surrogate is calculatingly depriving them of mothers, even if said surrogate doesn't wish to be one?

I never even said he deserved sympathy either, I said the man deserves to rest in peace and not have a multi-million dollar company and his family fighting over money using his name to do so, they both made a shed-load of money through Michael and unfortunately in death, to them he has become that much more valuable
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