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So if you don't have a partner you shouldn't have kids? He didn't calculatingly deprive the children at all, the mother to the eldest two did not wish to be a mother but was happy to make MJ a father, there is nothing wrong with that and I'm pretty sure Prince and Paris don't see what their father did was calculating they see a man who brought them up, tried his very very best to keep them out of the public eye, with the masks and all that stuff, and afforded them a very good lifestyle

Are you saying any parent who gets their children through a surrogate is calculatingly depriving them of mothers, even if said surrogate doesn't wish to be one?

I never even said he deserved sympathy either, I said the man deserves to rest in peace and not have a multi-million dollar company and his family fighting over money using his name to do so, they both made a shed-load of money through Michael and unfortunately in death, to them he has become that much more valuable
Of course he did it calculatingly. He bought babies via surrogacy. That is calculating. Fact. With the intention that those children would not have a mother 's input. Also fact.

The vast majority of surrogates give their child over into a situation where they have a mother. To suggest a nanny is any sort of substitute is very unrealistic, no offence.(although it wasn't you who said that). In fact I'm saddened that anyone could think that's an adequate replacement.

You may think MJ's chosen parenting is acceptable.....I don't. I think it's utterly selfish not to mention damaging.

If you honestly think draping your children in masks and isolating them is healthy behaviour in the interests of any child then I'm afraid I don't feel your judgement carries much weight.

Whatever the behaviour of his familly who are left behind is not really what I'm getting at. What does rest in peace really mean? Are any people who have passed over actually disturbed by the subsequent behaviour of those they leave behind? It''s almost a cliche really more about those who live on than those who have passed over, if you follow.
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