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Looking forward to seeing this film when it comes out. 2 weeks ago I watched some Studio Ghibli films with a couple of friends keen to introduce me to the studio, and over the past 2 weeks I watched plenty more thanks to Film4's Studio Ghibli season. I'm not an absolutely huge fan or anything but I've definitely enjoyed most of them (Tales From Earthsea was a bit dull for me admittedly) and I am curious to see the ones I haven't seen. I've still got a few more to watch but my favourite so far is Castle In The Sky.

I'm aware From Up On Poppy Hill is directed by Goro Miyazaki (who directed Tales From Earthsea as his first film) but this film has had much better reviews so far. My mates and I shall definitely be going to see it in the summer.

Here's one of the trailers:
I was much the same with Ghibli. I had seen Spirited Away, Ponyo and Arrietty before, but no others. The Film4 season really helped and I've still got some more saved.

I think my favourite is My Neighbour Totoro - I absolutely want one! I suggest checking out the supposed hidden meaning to the film, although it may shatter your impression of the film... For me though, I thought it was really clever and the film had deeper meaning for me.

Thanks for all the info on FUOPH too, really looking forward to that!

Finally, Ghibli is awesome. Would love to see the museum in Tokyo one day...
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