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Sometimes in life no matter who you are you reach a point where you think to yourself "time to sort myself out" (and actually stick to it) maybe just maybe this has happened and if it has, good luck to him. He is an 80s icon and he has had more ups n downs than a rollercoaster. I hope he sticks with whatever he is doing as obviously it is doing him good.
Alison Moyet, Boy George, Ricky Gervais, Fern Britton, Kelly Osbourne, Josie Gibson to name but a few all had exactly the same idea at the same time, and it's just a coincidence it happened when a procedure became more readily available to significantly help lose a lot of weight?


I'm not against gastric bands, but it's a shame the public are being led to believe it's a diet of raw food that helps you lose huge amounts of weight.
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