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It's amazing how many celebrities who used to be very overweight, and indeed for decades in some instances, are now miraculously stick thin and putting it down to a simple change in diet.

Such dishonesty. You aren't obese for 30 years and in the space of 12 months lose three-quarters of your bodyweight because of simply eating raw food or cutting back on sugar!!!


If it wasn't for gastric bands they would all still be as fat as they were in 1983... 1991...2000... 2010...
Who was obese for 30 years? Am not sure who you are talking about there. Alison Moyet?

If you lost 2 pounds sensibly every week over 12 months that equates to 7 stones and in the case of Boy George's weight problem, I doubt he was ever 7 stones overweight. I mean, It's not like he was one of those "I can't walk, I can't leave the house" obese types.
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