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Jimmy Connors
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Course she does. She'll be churning kids out until her ovaries are dried up husks and then she'll go for donor eggs.

She'll be 55, on husband number 12, 14 kids already and a grandmother several times over and still going 'Dave/John/Bob/Uncle Tom Cobbley is the one, I've never felt like this before, I'll go for IVF and then lose the 12 stone I gain while up the duff with my 14th lipo'
She wants a braaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahn baby to go with Our Thingy, Our Whassisname, Ummm and The One What Isn't Our Thingy.
Perhaps she's hoping to become the Angelina Jolie of Oop North.
These posts have cheered me up no end! LOL
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