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Learn the facts. Debbie Rowe has very openly stated that she has never wanted to be a mother, hence why she has none of her own kids, and that she was willingly the surrogate mother for his children. There was nothing calculating about it.
i like your posts tomclarky,i cannot believe at some of the posts debating whether those 3 children were MJs or not when surrogacy happens everywhere and no body questions it,as far as i'm concerned two of his children were HIS and Debbie Rowe and one was with anonymous surrogate-who cares whose seed it was-he was their father end of and they loved him.
Ive seen lately that the girl Paris has started seeing her birth mother Debbie Rowe and are taking it slow but good for them that they are bonding as Mother and daughter,
As for the Jacksons-i personally wish they'd leave things be but i've never been in their position so i cannot say how they'd feel,
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