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I just can't help but maintain a soft spot for Lindsay. She has the most hideous parents and I would love nothing more than to see her really make a go of her stint in rehab. She is not yet thirty and could totally turn her life around if she really wants to. Maybe she won't be able to get the glory days of Mean Girls back in terms of her acting career but she still has time to do something positive with her life. It would be a great "f*** you" to her mother and father, who must take some flack for the way Lindsay's turned out.
Indeed, I hope she can manage to make some positive life changes in rehab. I used to be a huge fan on The Parent Trap with her when I was a kid, it's a shame seeing her so young and seeing how things have turned out in some ways, but hopefully she can get back to more positive things.

And yes, she looks far healthier than she has for a good while, I hope that continues.
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