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i have to laugh at all of these stories coming out again about Ronaldo, Max Clifford used to churn them out but as he is otherwise engaged with is own troubles at the moment, i wonder if he has a new PR?
I commented on this recently that we hadn't had a sniff of a Ronaldo PR skirtchaser tale in years in the British press since he went to his new club and lo and behold one turns up. Possibly since he is still connected to Max Clifford and whatever is going on there has spurred into action this.

It's possible he does cheat (or steps out on his gf/'gf' with her consent, and just gets caught out) but this seems pretty pointless from a UK pov since the man doesn't even play here and nobody has been remotely bothered about him (including the tabloids) for ages. It has however come at a time of crisis for Max Clifford, though I don't know if the two are linked.
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