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Ronaldo is NOT gay. However I won't comment so much on whether he is open to MMF
I am not 100% sure about what his sexuality is.

To be honest we don't any of us have 100% access to these people (even if we know them) to know what they get up to, especially in other countries, at all times, to define them fully. Unless they've specifically told a person as a friend. And even then... NBA player Justin's female partner spent 7 years with him and says she had no clue he was gay until this week (I assume that included a sex life). Maybe he didn't fully know at that time? Not linking that to Ronaldo, just speaking in general...

Going back to Ronnie, I do find the fishy press stories (if put out by his people) churned out in the manner that suggests closeted or needing the publicity for some reason. If he really wanted to be careful he wouldn't knock boots with these lowball tarts. He'd date classy industry people and highclass callgirls that don't kiss and tell. So he's either extremely stupid (after all this time) or the stories are a load of rubbish.
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