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Who do you think told the press?

The press wouldn't report unless they had been given the name kosher wise.

The press can report who is arrested and who is charged unless the police ask them not to. Of course the press don't have to comply.

They've held off on a few names one they decided to out two weeks ago but there are some they haven't.
True enough. Then there are those quotes in the press every few weeks claiming more big arrests are just about to happen in the very near future, once that was claimed in January but people were getting frustrated as there didn't seem to be any reported arrests etc. a month or so later. Almost the same quote was published again later on, its been claimed about 3 times this year I believe?. It feels like its turning into some kind of soap(!). Will The Sun be running some sort of free Ken campaign like they did when Deirdre went to court on the TV show?

There must be someone or people talking to the press - do they get paid for their quotes/info?. Why do they choose not to name some names but are happy to name others? bizarre.
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