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Both Deanna and Judy Garland made their film debut in a ten minute MGM short, entitled, Every Sunday Afternoon, released in 1936.

Deanna retired aged just 27, and seemed to have had a happy and fulfilling life, she also outlived Judy by 44 years, not bad going.
She did indeed...After two marriages broke down and producers wanting to shoe box her into the same roles she decided enough was enough met and wed Henri David and moved to France.
She apparently continued to sing for her family and friends and despite being offered millions of pounds over the years to make concert appearances and films (they were particularly interested in pairing her with Mario Lanza) resisted ALL attempts to do different from todays called "celebs"
Having said that never forgot her fans and remember had it not been for her films Universal studios would have gone bust in the 1930s
RIP Deanna ..x
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