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Those children seem remarkably well adjusted, I have no reason to think Harper won't be as well behaved as her brothers. I've read various pieces in which it is stated how well mannered the Beckham children are, regardless of the fact they have nannies etc, Victoria and David do seem to be involved in the way they have been brought up.

The Jolie-Pitt children on the other hand, are apparently the opposite.
As I've said before here, both my sister and SiL have met the Beckham boys well away from the public eye and in normal everyday circumstances, both said they are beautifully behaved and extremely nice and polite children, my sister was completely unaware of who they were at the time (they were with Granny Posh IIRC) until a work mate told her, she just thought they were some of the nicest children she'd ever had in her shop
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