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Sorry, disagree. That Feb statement is a real shocker listening to it now in the light of his current guilty pleas.

Stuart Hall denies accusations Feb 2013

He talks about himself in a very overblown and self-serving way - "the accusations are pernicious and callous... the last two months of my life have been a living nightmare... but for my family's support, I might have taken my own life... regain my reputation, my good name... horrific ordeal, now incubating a heart complaint which will likely see me off in a couple of years... regain my honour..."

Remember when watching it that he knows he lying. Had he just said something neutral along the lines of 'this is all very upsetting, thanks to those who've supported me, I'll fight to prove my innocence etc', then fair enough, but this, the language used, the arrogance, the 'remember who I am and what I mean to you' insertion - not imo a man with a conscience.

He deserves a lengthy prison sentence for this utterly devious statement alone.
But thats the thing he couldn't maintain the arrogant facade because at some point between the denial and the guilty plea he changed his mind and for the first time in a long time he did the right thing.
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