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But thats the thing he couldn't maintain the arrogant facade because at some point between the denial and the guilty plea he changed his mind and for the first time in a long time he did the right thing.
All I'm offering is my opinion on him based on what he himself did and said. I'm not claiming I'm correct, just that his own arrogant words say something so damning and telling about the man he is. I've provided concrete evidence of that arrogance, and it just doesn't sit easily with your suggestion that his conscience got the better of him.

I don't see conscience playing any part in his change of stance, more overwhelming and damning testimony which left him with no choice but to do, as FM Lover suggests below, in a last ditch bid to try and 'minimise' his disgrace.

I have to admit the guilty plea makes a mockery of the February statement, however he may have been advised to plea guilty by his lawyer on the hope of a lighter sentence if he shows remorse.
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