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Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome

For something that was originally made for less than $3 million and released on the internet, this was a very decent film. A majority of the SFX is quite good too. The film does sort of lose its way near the end and there's far too much "glare" in many scenes (nearly distracting) but this was ultimately a pretty good flick.
Watched the web-series of this and thought, as you did, for the budget it was great. Seen summer blockbusters with worse effects. Was good to see the old toasters getting some screen time. Gave me a childhood flashback.

Short circuit - 5/10
Moonrise Kingdom - 8/10. Quirky and a good story

End of Watch - 8/10

Great film. Like a more violent Southland. Short though, could easily have been entertained even longer.
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