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Chanelle is nuts, she has massive breakdowns over that skinny waste of space Jack Tweed everyday on Twitter.

She has a lovely little boy a nice house, she does topless modelling which pays well, she bakes cakes or something..she seems to have a good bit of money, so why does she waste her life on that evil little scrote Jack? he was only with mouth almighty Jade for her money and fame, didn't he call her Cashpoint to his friends.
why do women do this to themselves?? why do they pick the bastards who continue to hurt them and use them.

I do feel sorry for Chanelle though I think she has issues, her Mothers death obviously affected her growing up.. and the likes of Tweed will always pick women with issues they can mess with.
Does it? Can't think it does really or she wouldn't want to be in all these pathetic spats to get in the chav-mags as well.
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