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Sharon Maughan: If I said to some of us older folk, 'her from the coffee ads, did they/didn't they?' You'd know straight away, who she is. Stood in front of me in the queue, shopping in M&S, about 8-10 years ago, just before Christmas. I've met other famous people before, but she stands out because she started talking to me. I was giving her, (I thought), discreet, sideways glances wondering if it was her or not. As she was putting her shopping on the conveyor belt she turned to me, smiled and asked me if I was 'all set for Christmas yet'? And we then started talking about the stress of Christmas shopping. Lovely and a total Lady! Always thought she looked 'snooty' on T.V, she's far from it! I didn't ask her, if she was who she was, because her smile and voice gave it away, anyway!
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