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Actually it was Hedda Hopper whom Joseph Cotten pulled a chair from under her at a social event after she published a story of Joseph & Deanna committing an extramartial affair together in her gossip column. Joseph kept pulling the chair several times as she attempted to sit down.

Also it was Spencer Tracy who actually kicked Hedda's rear-end at a Hollywood nightclub after she did a similiar thing by hinting that Spencer & Katharine Hepburn were more than just friends in her gossip column.
Both Louella and Hopper wrote very malicious colums, but for once Hopper told the truth about Tracy/Hepburn. They had a very long ongoing affair which lasted until he died. I read somewhere he and his wife were RC so he couldn't/wouldn't divorce his wife.

But that aside I'm very sad to hear that Deanna has died. As has been said she had a beautiful voice.
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