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You can't force someone to go to rehab if they are not committed to change. I find this continual stuff about sending her to rehab ridiculous. Lynsay is just as entitled to be an alchoholic as any other citizen in America if she wants to be. She will only get better when she realises that she needs to do something about it, not when other people decide for her.

If she has committed an imprisonable offence put her in jail. If not then these people should just back off until she is ready to go.
Bonkers. She's broken the law repeatedly, including driving under the influence. I do believe she might kill either herself or an innocent bystander one day if she isn't straightened out.

I do agree that rehab will only work if the person attending is seriously committed to recovering, but something needs to be done about Lohan as she is a genuine danger to herself and others and has no respect or even regard for the law whatsoever.
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