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Bonkers. She's broken the law repeatedly, including driving under the influence. I do believe she might kill either herself or an innocent bystander one day if she isn't straightened out.

I do agree that rehab will only work if the person attending is seriously committed to recovering, but something needs to be done about Lohan as she is a genuine danger to herself and others and has no respect or even regard for the law whatsoever.
I agree she shouldn't be allowed to drive and they should take away her licence but we all know that rehab only works if the person is committed to change. As I said before, let her be a drunk and ruin her career if that's what she wants. If she has committed a prisonable offence then send her to jail.

Lets face it her father hasn't been a good example to her as he is no respecter of the law. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the reason she didn't turn up at the latest rehab place is because she wouldn't be allowed to smoke there. Obviously if she's got any sense at all she will check into a rehab where you are allowed to smoke but we'll see.
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