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I HATE YA, I'm afraid. It's all so clichéd, LS is soft as sh**, which doesn't work, and I just can't take them seriously. The Adult version, IMO is at least 10 timesbetter.
Really? I disagree with you, I actually thought Young Apprentice was streaks ahead of the main series. I didn't feel that he was overly soft; I think the hard and belligerent front that he has in the main show is an act, and the way he is on Young Apprentice is probably closer to his general personality. He's not horrible to them, but he's still straight-talking and the tasks are just as hard as on the main show. What I like from The Apprentice are interesting candidates (not just stupid people), good tasks and people who I can relate to and genuinely care about winning, and I'm not so bothered by the approach of Sugar himself.
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