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While I like my local Odeon, more so than ever since they installed iMax (albeit iMax digital), Cinema City here in Norwich is great:

Like the Watershed in Bristol (which I visited about ten years ago and absolutely loved), it leans very much towards the independants, but it also shows some quality blockbusters (Although you're unlikely to see the latest Transformers or Scary Movie), it has great late-night screenings of classics (they had Grease on last night), and you can take a beer in your screen from the bar (which does superb local organic ales!).

It's celebrating it's 35th birthday this week (but the building it's in is centuries old, making a unique viewing experience), and as you can see from this video it has some famous fans (plus the people from BBC Look East).
Great, isn't it?. I guess from your username that you're on the other side of the country, unfortunately.
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