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i have read this thread with interest but one thing that keeps coming up is "TomClarky" blind and complete devotion to Michael Jackson .

he can paint it however he likes but i will say this and then leave .

there is absolutely no excuse for wanting to hang out with pre pubescent boys , having sleepovers , and taking them on tour with you .

there are many child stars who didn't have a childhood ( i love that argument ) and didn't resort to hanging out with kids .

Michael Jackson was not a normal person .
and just because your found not guilty of something it does not mean it didn't happen .
Predictable ad hominem attack from someone who has no idea of the facts and desperately resorts to trying to discredit the poster themselves instead having anything remotely intelligent say about the content of a post.

How about specifially pointing out something that i've said that you think is incorrect and giving some good reasoning behind it. You're missing that little thing called 'evidence'
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