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With the sad demise of a lot of the old picture houses, big cinemas sometimes with an upper balcony, and the proliferation of multiplexes(which a lot the time seem quite soulless, never mind the fact that a lot of the time they show the same film on the other screens) - what are your current favourite cinemas?

Mine are :-

Odeon Leicester Square - Yep, a bit of an obvious choice, but it is an amazing cinema. Top notch screen and sound. The "Royal Circle"(aka the upper balcony level) is worth paying the extra for. One of the first UK cinemas to have digital projection. I saw "Signs" and "Finding Nemo" both digitally projected there.

Odeon Mezzanine - I like this cinema because it is a West End cinema that does show slightly older releases. Good if you want to catch up on stuff.

Empire Leicester Square - Screen 1 is massive. Superb quality sound and vision. Sadly, I missed out on viewing "Lawrence of Arabia" there. I do remember catching "Die Another Day" there on Screen 1. Amazing quality.

Odeon West End - I'll include this one as it still has a 70mm film projector. I saw "The Master" there. Perhaps a pity that it wasn't shown on a bigger screen, but still.

BFI IMAX - The screen is HUGE! Very intimidating. Great sound and vision. A proper IMAX screen. Plus, it can show IMAX film as well. Make sure you get seats at the back - or you'll be too close to the screen. Perhaps they could turn the sound down a bit in some of the effects-laden sequences of films.

Clapham Picturehouse - A nice little cinema with a bar. They do weekend family films.

Renoir - An arthouse cinema. Nice selection of programming. Good they can still project film - for those films that haven't been converted.

BFI Southbank - It is nice when they have a season on there.

The Granville Cinema(Ramsgate, Kent) - Quirky little place. Built into a cliff face. They have two screens. They are going digital. The main screen does have a small balcony.

The Empire Cinema(Sandwich, Kent) - I'll include this as it is in my hometown. A small place. I think they still project film. Has a lovely neon fašade as well. Bit cramped on the seating front.

Odeon Canterbury(Canterbury, Kent) - Yep, okay, it's Odeon again. They might be pricey(hey - what cinema isn't these days?), but they do provide top quality. Screen 1 is quite large. You can use get decent seating at a late notice. Screen 2 is quite - although I do find some the pillars a bit intrusive. Also some of the rear seats could be higher up in my opinion.
I used to go to the Canterbury one a lot in my teens.

These days I stick to Ashford or Folkestone.
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