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Actual lol. That was really quite funny.

I am curious why you are so hell bent on denying his addictions. Would you mind telling us why? I find it strange that someone would be so determined to speak on behalf of person who they have no personal relationship with and are only able to work on what they have heard/read in various media coverage.

I'm genuinely curious and not taking the mick.
I don't deny he was addicted to painkillers at certain times in his life, e.g 1993 when he went to rehab for it. There is however no evidence that he was physically addicted to anything in the year before his death. It's just a huge misconception. The drug that killed him is not addictive in any way close to the way opiods or benzodiazepines are and there were no painkillers found in his system when he died.

If he had become an addict again before his death, why was he using a very expensive and very dangerous hospital grade anaesthetic? And why would he pay a doctor $150,000 a month for this service, when he could probably go to any doctor in hollywood and get himself some Demerol pills for a fraction of the cost. It shows that Propofol was something he was desperate for because of the purpose it served i.e. enabling him to sleep, rather than because he was a junkie wanting to get his kicks.
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