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The Birmingham Cineworld is rather nice and well maintained. It now has an IMAX Digital. Though it will never be as good as a 70mm film projected IMAX, it's still a step up to regular digital screenings.

I also like the Giant Screen cinema at the Millenium Point which I think is the biggest screen in the Midlands. It used to be a proper 15/70mm IMAX cinema and unfortunately they converted it to a regular digital cinema. I had to travel all the way down to London to see a proper IMAX print of The Dark Knight Rises. Now that BFI IMAX is the best cinema I've ever sat in
I agree. The Cineworld in Birmingham is my local and I'm an unlimited premium member. Been going for a few years now and it's better than most around. Its very comfortable, clean and It never gets that crowded when I go either which is a bonus. The IMAX screen is a great addition too. More people seem to go to the AMC in Broadway Plaza but I find that uncomfortable.
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