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Or you could argue that he tried to keep up the lie initially but his conscience got the better of him. If he didn't have a conscience he would have maintained his innocence, made each victim testify and had his barrister cross examine and try to create doubt. The burden of proof is high and there is no guarantee the prosecution could have met it so a man who is truly without conscience or remorse would have taken his chances with a jury.
Sorry but this is utter bollocks. This case reminds me very much of the person who abused me. He played the victim and pleaded his innocence and was perfectly happy to put all of the people he abused through the trauma of court. However, every solicitor he engaged urged him to plead guilty because they realised his case was so weak. He sacked one after the other until he realised he might have to take notice of the experts. So then he pretended he was doing it out of compassion for his accusers - not wanting to put us through the trauma of court. What a joke. And he pretended to be ill too.

Yes, okay. The 14 times sexual offender who pre-planned his attacks then called all of his victims liars and opportunists multiple times has a very fine conscience.
Well said.

It is certainly not fine but more a case of better late than never - he could easily have made his victims go through the trauma of a court case where he may possibly have got of so at least he spared them that.
See above. Sorry, but this argument is wrong, bollocks and naive. This is not an opinion, it's a fact.

Yes, shame he couldn't have spared them the 14 sexual assaults, but hey ho.
Well said again.

If he had been 40 I can understand him being playing the percentages and pleading for a reduced sentence but this is a 83 year old with a heart condition and I don't see him surviving even a reduced sentence. If he was truly devoid of conscience then he would have taken his chances at trial because even a 1% chance of success is better than nothing.
Rubbish. People like him are like this whether they're 20 or 120, You really don't know what you're talking about. No offence but that's just the truth.
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